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Cast Assignments

Page history last edited by jaybushman@... 11 years, 4 months ago

If I've spoke with you, you're listed below.  If not, I'll get you a character as soon as I can, and the full list will be here.  I expect many of these to change up until showtime.



Death Star:    Bronwen Liggitt @bronwensaurus


Gold Leader:     Maureen McHugh @maureenmcq


Gold 5:     Jay Bushman @jaybushman    


Obi-Wan:     Mike Bonifer @bonifer


Porkins:      Jason Cosper @boogah


Red 10:      Will Hindmarch @wordwill


Biggs:          Steve Peters @vpisteve


Wedge:         Matthew Campagna  @mattcampagna


Darth Vader:    Mike Pusateri @cruftbox


Dodonna:        Lizlet @lizlet


Gold 2:      Jason Cosper @barcampla


Han Solo:        Sean Bonner @seanbonner


Luke:        Rudy Jahchan @rudy


Rebel Base:    Veronica Belmont @veronica


Red Leader:      Tara Brown @tara


Red 7:        Jason Carlin @escapist


Red 9:        Anastasia Tubanos   @atubanos


Red 11:        Matt Almanza @sl0wburn

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