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Star Wars Blog




Welcome to "A New Group of Signals"


**Things are moving pretty fast.  Assemble at 12:45 in the Hilton Lobby for a 1:00 start.  I'm still juggling some cast and logistics.  We'll kick it off as close to 1:00 as possible.**


**some of the tweets as written will be more than 140 characters - split those into two consecutive tweets**


**Don't forget to change your profile photo to the matching one here: Profile Pics**


A co-ordinated realtime Twitter re-enactment of the Death Star assault.


Here's the plan:


On 3/15/09, starting at 1:00pm CDT (11:00am PDT, 2:00pm EDT), a group of almost 20 Twitterers will begin sending updates form their accounts, but instead of the usual Twitter fodder it will be the lines from the climactic scenes at the end of Star Wars.


The script is a faithful, but not exact, version of the movie's dialogue.  I've taken some parts out, and I expect other Twitterers will join in with the missing lines and characters - as well as some creative embellishments.


If you are in Austin at SXSW, we will be assembling in the lobby of the Hilton to set up for the attack run.  (And we'll get lunch aftewards.)


If you are in Austin but can't join us, or if you are in another location, then we'll staty coordinated during the event by some way that I haven't figured out yet :)


See The Script Here  Wherever possible, you can do a simple copy/paste of the lines when its their turn.


Names in [Brackets] should be replaced by the actual twitter name of the person playing that characters. For instance, if the line is:

[Obi-Wan]: @[Luke] Luke, the Force will be with you. #starwars


and Luke is being played by Barack Obama and Obi-Wan is being played by Henry Jenkins, then:

@henryjenkins would post the following:


"@barackobama Luke, the Force will be with you. #sxstarwars"


Every post should be tagged with "#sxstarwars"


A couple of hours before we start, you should replace your twitter profile pic with one of the character you are playing.  I've assembled the pics here: Profile Pics.  About an hour after the conclusion, it should be safe to switch back to your old pic.





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